April 14, 2012


Muslim Student Union Executive Board 2017


Omar Khawam



In east NJ, Omar Kawam, ’20, was born and raised, in the masjid spending most of his days. Having gone to Al-Ghazaly Islamic high school, Omar has fostered a deep and profound love of the Islamic faith and spirituality. On campus and off, he strives to expand his knowledge of the Islamic intellectual discourse while pursuing a career in biological and medical sciences. As part of his hopes to expand the role of the MSU in service activities on campus, Omar under the Center for Learning in Action, has spearheaded a tutoring initiative for the incarcerated at the Berkshire House of Corrections in Pittsfield, MA. A proud WOOLF leader, immunology research assistant, and student of knowledge, Omar is above all most proud to serve the MSU community at Williams.



Summiya Najam