March 6, 2015

Meet our Chaplain

Sharif Rosen


 A Southern California native, Sharif joined Williams College in February 2015 in a dual appointment as the Muslim Chaplain, and Assistant Director for Community Engagement with CLiA.  Before that, he served as the Muslim & Multi-Faith Advisor at Dartmouth College.

Sharif’s training in the Islamic sciences occurred primarily in Amman, Jordan between 2008 and 2013, where he studied areas such as ritual law, spirituality, tenets of faith, Quranic recitation and commentary with scholars holding unbroken chains (asanid) of transmission back to the fount of all Islamic knowledge, the Messenger of Allah (upon him be God’s blessings and peace).  Sharif holds permission to teach Quranic recitation (obtained 2013), the classic Arba’in al-Nawawiyah (obtained 2015), and Imam al-Haddad’s Book of Assistance (obtained 2015).   His studies continue amid translation projects under his teachers’ supervision.

Sharif completed the full Classical Arabic program at the Qasid Arabic Institute, also in Amman, while directing its student affairs office aimed at helping students succeed during their study abroad experience.  As an administrator at Qasid, he facilitated students cultural and language immersion to include volunteer service assisting low income and refugee populations in and around Amman.

Before going overseas, he led community relations with the UMMA Clinic, one inspired by Islamic principles that serves thousands of underserved residents of South L.A. of all faiths and backgrounds. There, he worked with affordable healthcare advocates, the regional Muslim community and local officials to draw attention to the dire healthcare needs of the area, and collaborate towards solutions.Sharif has volunteered as a Muslim Chaplain in the Vermont Department of Corrections, offering pastoral care and religious education to the incarcerated.  He is currently a graduate student in Islamic Studies at the Hartford Seminary, and an Executive Board Member with the Association of Muslim Chaplains (AMC).

In his spare time, Sharif cherishes time with his family and children, and with them, savoring lessons from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be God’s blessings and peace).