March 9, 2013

Public events


Biomedical Ethics in Islam

Griffin 6

March 8 @ 8PM


FALL 2018

Homeland Insecurity: Art Standing as a Testament to the Desolation Caused by the Syrian Civil War

Griffin 3

October 23 @ 8PM



From Iron Curtain to Clash of Civilizations: The Cold War Roots of Islamism and Islamophobia

Griffin 7

April 5 @ 6PM


Ivy Muslim Conference

Yale University

February 16-17 



Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States, with Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Griffin 7

February 8 @ 6:00PM




Interfaith Approach to sexual Health Education and Violence Prevention with Sameera Qureshi

Schapiro 129

February 7 @ 4:00PM

FALL 2017

Diversity, Gender and Inclusion in Islam with Dr. Nancy Khalil

Griffin 6

Dec 1 @ 8PM



Qawwalified Home: Spirituality, Resistance, and American Muslims with Hussein Rashid

Griffin 7

November 6 @ 6:00PM